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Many moons ago, two work colleagues, Roy and Jono, decided it would be a great idea to walk the coastline of the Maldon district, just for fun and not in one go. Somewhere out on the Dengie marshes, Roy turned to Jono and said, "this would make a great event you know, but over a weekend." Jono, being a thinker, thought for a while, and replied, "I think you're right Roy, but I'll stick to riding my bike for now, thanks."

Some years later, they mentioned the idea to Lex, Vicky and Ben. Together, we did something about it and the Saltmarsh75 was born. We held the first event in 2013 and were blown away by how much fun it was, so we did it again. And again. And again. And so did 7 very special people. The Saltmarsh 7, the handful of brave souls that have taken on and finished every single event.   


The event is run by officers from Maldon District Council and as everyone knows, Council workers are known for being super fun. So, you’re sure to have a great day! The event also allows us to work with our emergency planning partners.


Essex Land Rover Rescue

The event is supported by Essex Raynet and Rover Rescue, part of Essex Land Rover Club, who provide vital communications and transport for the event. As they say, you’re never alone if four burley men in a Land Rover are only a few miles away!

It’s our mini army of volunteers who will be looking after you throughout the weekend. Foot rubs, inspirational singing and a full kit laundry service are just some of the services they have no intention of providing. However, for a cheery smile and a hot meal at the end, we have the right people for the job.



Saltmarsh75 - 'Done'


Legendy Saltmarsh Roy
Want to get in touch with us? Why wouldn't you? We are very nice people. Perhaps we are not quite as nice as some people, but we know more about the Saltmarsh75, so you're better off asking us! Call us on 01621 856503 or email us thesaltmarsh75@maldon.gov.uk.