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Why I Love the Maldon Coastline – a guest post by local walker Chris Harvey

Why I Love the Maldon Coastline – a guest post by local walker Chris Harvey

The other day I was asked by a friend why I liked walking in Essex so much – surely the beautiful countryside of the Surrey Hills..

June 6, 2013 with 0 Comments

About the Saltmarsh 75

Could you complete 75 miles of England’s most unique coast line in just 2 days?

That’s the challenge laid down by the Saltmarsh 75, a long distance trail covering the entire coast of the Maldon district, Essex.
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Previous Saltmarshers said…

"You have created something very special with an amazing bunch of individuals.

I must have done over 100 ultras (very slowly) and this ranks right up there for me." - David Giles

"One of the best events I've been part of... a real "family feel" to the whole event.... Well done. Wow! Amazing, best ultra EVER."" - Ian Brazier

"Staff were fantastic as we're all the volunteers. As the saying goes, organised to within an inch of it's life! I hope you realise this is how the London Marathon started..." - Clare Burrell

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Just 40 Miles from London you will find a corner of Essex that's full of charm, beauty and history. Most famous for its maritime heritage, the Maldon District also offers wonderful scenery, individual shops, exciting leisure activities and some of the best local food and drink you'll find in Essex.
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