We thought it would be good (in a slightly humorous way) if you knew who the Saltmarsh Core Team were. This motley crew are the brains (I use that term loosely) behind the preparation, organisation and delivery of the District's best coastal ultra-marathon.



Over the years Alexis has ensured that all participants and volunteers out on the course are safely accounted for and manages communications and the HQ’s for the event. You are in safe hands with Alexis as she will certainly track you down if you have not been recorded at course checkpoints (as a group of participants found out one year when they retired between checkpoints to have a beer and watch rugby….naughty!)


Richard Heard has been out and about during his Saltmarsh career and experienced operating checkpoints along with logistics and often ferrying people about. 2017 was a big year for Richard as he took on the role of race director from Ben. We hoped that this new role would prevent Richard from driving any more Saltmarsh vehicles due to the mysterious damage his vehicle sustained in 2016. He still denies all knowledge??


David is one of the key event organisers throughout the years and often bosses the logistics. On the event weekend he can often be spotted speeding around transporting checkpoint equipment and participant items away in a van. David is also trusted to transport checkpoint refreshments and foods, again we slightly worry that somewhere in the District Dave may well park up and have the picnic of his dreams.


Jack Ellum is the next components to the well-oiled Saltmarsh machine. Jack has now completed a sentence of 4 saltmarsh years in a combination of roles and is definitely our ‘techie guy’. Jack is like our version of the ‘Doc’ from the Back to the Future films as he is always making contraptions and really cool gadgets for us to use. His finest saltmarsh creation todate is the novelty finish photo machine called the ‘clapper snapper’.


Matt Wilson has turned his hand to a variety of roles during the weekend events and can often be seen gliding across the course as a sweeper / gazelle and then operating checkpoints amongst other items. Matt is an important part of the planning team during the year and helps make the event safe and accessible due to his contacts at the local land agencies who now recognise his number and get a cold sweat.


Sarah Nash is one of the newest core members and is the Saltmarsh Mummy, Sarah thinks of some of the great details that goes into ensuring that we offer a brilliant event, especially at the finishes and in the kitchen (which pleases David a lot!). As well as being a key organiser throughout the year Sarah puts in marathon shifts in the kitchens during the event to ensure all participants are feed, watered and importantly have a big smile on their face!

Obviously, the saltmarsh team is much more that these individuals and includes other key people such as Nigel Harmer, Steve Krolzig and Alia Hamdan. Nigel and Steve aka the chuckle brothers play a huge part in the event logistics, set ups and take downs amongst other items and work tirelessly across the weekend. Alia is very much Sarah’s partner is crime at the finish lines and will often be found cremating 200 baked potatoes for participant (or David’s) consumption.

In all honesty there are many other people who help create the saltmarsh 75 and play a key part in the delivery and success of the event. All our volunteers do a truly great job and help make the event what it is today and we thank you all.


Nigel Harmer, our very own MDC River Bailiff. A mind of information on anything aquatic within the District. Lets hope we don't need that information!!!



We would also like to recognise previous members of the Saltmarsh family who have helped out in big and small ways over the years. Including none other than Saltmarsh Ben, one of the events originators and who entered the event himself in 2017, finishing 365 days and 17 hours later in Saltmarsh75 2018. Also Vicky and Debbie, who’s organisational and cheerleading skills were vital to our success in previous years.

We would also like to thank Steve K for his knowledge of all kinds of logistical stuff and of course Alia, our 'Catering Manager'.

We would also like to thank Roy Read and Jono Stephens; it would be quite legitimate to blame this whole thing on them and their 'Big Ideas'.

Vicky and Deb