We want the Saltmarsh Ultra to be accessible to nearly everyone and by entering a relay team you can be part of the experience without having to walk or run the whole distance. We have short stages of around 3 miles, a long (nearly) 14 mile stage and everything in between.

Over the four previous years of the Saltmarsh we’ve noticed there are generally two types of relay team. There’s a group made up of running clubs that generally are fairly competitive but not always and there are groups of friends or work colleagues that are raising money for charity or just doing it for fun. We welcome both with open arms!

We are often asked what is and isn’t allowed as a relay team and the simple answer is that we are pretty relaxed but we have one rule; only one member of team is allowed on the route at any one time. If you want to run / walk in pairs (or more) then fantastic news, please enter as a two (or more) relay teams or as two (or more) individuals. You won’t regret it.

Some relay team will choose to change runners / walkers at every stage or checkpoint and that’s absolutely fine with us. Others join up some of shorter the stages and need fewer members in their team to complete the full course. A few people take it in turns to run a leg, miss a leg, throughout the whole day.

If you decide to enter a team and change at our checkpoints the distances are (approximately) as follows: Burnham on Crouch 15 miles, St Peters on the Wall 14 miles, Steeple 11 miles & the finish at Maldon, 10 miles.


As we say, we’re pretty relaxed about what combination works for you as long as you stick to our one rule.

If you enter a relay team you will need to appoint a team captain who will be your main point of contact with us. They will be responsible for telling us who’s running on each day. In previous years we’ve asked for individual stage information but experience tells us that relayers are a dynamic bunch and you like to be flexible, so as long as we know who’s in your team and if anyone has any medical conditions that we need to be aware of, the rest is up to you and your captain to sort out.


A few weeks before the event we’ll send out detailed information on each checkpoints or change over points. Please read this information carefully. Some of the checkpoints have limited access and parking so we will ask you to park away from the checkpoint to avoid parking carnage. No one enjoys Saltmarsh gridlock.