Sunset Boats

We initially envisaged this event as a great a way to celebrate our special costal connection and encourage more people to explore our 75 mile Saltmarsh Coast Trail.

We get so much fantastic feedback about the event, with some people saying they want it harder and some saying it should be more accessible so more people can take part. This year we have decided to do both!

For those who really want a challenge the Saltmarsh Ultra is the perfect test. 50 miles of coastal trail in one day. Passing historic maritime villages and miles of isolated tidal marsh before finishing in Maldon’s fantastic Promenade Park.

For people who enjoy stretching their legs, running a shorter distances than 50 miles or taking on a coastal walk, the Saltmarsh Half is perfect. Along the banks of the River Crouch, passing the vineyards of the Crouch Valley and finishing in the riverside town of Burnham-on-Crouch.

Welcome Paul!


Here at Saltmarsh HQ we are very pleased to announce we have secured the services of Paul Bridges who has a vast knowledge of distance running.

If you don't know Paul, he is a member of Springfield Striders, and a veteran of long distance running (in races run rather than age!) having competed in nearly 240 marathons and ultras.

We will be posing a number of questions to Paul but if you have any questions on training, nutrition, mental approach or anything else come to that, let us know here at Saltmarsh HQ and we will pass to Paul, who will endeavour to answer them. We will post all your questions with Paul's responses on the saltmarsh75 website blog page.

Send your questions to:

Here are a few questions we have asked Paul:

Q. Of all your events, what has been your favourite up to this point? (Obviously this will change after Saltmarsh!)

A. I have enjoyed all the events I have done because they all have different elements, even the ones in the rain and snow but give me a hot sunny race any day - London has got great atmosphere and sights, Halstead and Chelmsford are local and full of people that have become friends.

Q. What advice can you give anyone entering their first Ultra?

A. Pace yourself, don’t run too fast at the beginning, eat little and often to give yourself a good supply of energy. If anyone on the course is offering sweets or oranges always take them!

You need to have run a half before you try a marathon, and a marathon before you try an ultra. Don’t run before you can walk, because you won’t be able to walk afterwards!

Never try to run a marathon or an ultra in new trainers always break them in for a few miles first, Vaseline and micropore will become you best friend. Vaseline on your feet to stop blisters and use micropore as no one like bleeding nipples!

Q. We know a lot of participants struggle with race-day nutrition; do you have any top tips for eating & drinking on the go?

A. If you are going to try energy gels etc try them on training runs as they don’t suit everybody, personally I can’t stomach them, so I have solid food like cheese sandwiches half way round 😃 and energy tablets in my water (High5 Zero tablets).

Don’t over eat and drink, I find if you drink lots of water at every water stop your stomach will feel like a washing machine which can be worse than not drinking enough.

Q. What is your favourite post-event meal?

A. I always carb up before a race having pasta and chicken etc the night before, when I finish I always have a flat coke to give me an energy boost. Followed by a well balanced meal and a couple cheeky beers.


These questions have been asked by Neil Coster. We can answer these ourselves here at Saltmarsh HQ.

Q. Is there any navigation experience needed for the Saltmarsh Ultra?

A. Not too much. The route is a descriptive route in respect we will give you complete instructions for the 50 or so miles at the start. There is a rule of thumb for our event, except a couple of places where we have to come away from the sea wall, keep the water on your right side and you can't get lost!

Q. What degree of experience, in terms of navigation, do you need for most Ultras?

A. From an event organisers point of view, losing a competitor would create a huge amount of paperwork! Here at Saltmarsh HQ we are enviromentally conscious and don't want to waste paper, so, we are careful to make sure our route is checked, and double checked, before we issue any instructions to our competitors. Nearer the time we will send a link to download a .gpx map file for your phone, if you like the techy stuff? Lastly, we are currently looking at every competitor carrying a GPS device so we can track everyone in live time. It's also the device you will use to check-in at various points on the route. If you get lost after all that, its your fault!! Bar painting a line to follow, there is not much more we can do!

As for other Ultras, they will use the same principles, they don't want the paperwork either!

Q. Enroute, are there places to leave bags of prepared food?

A. Yes is the answer. We have 3 checkpoints on the route, Burnham on Crouch, about 15 miles in, St Peters on the Wall, about 29 miles & Steeple about 40 miles. You will have the option before you start to drop bags of food, clothes etc into boxes which we will transport to each checkpoint for your collection later in the day. Just make sure you put your name on anything you want transported.

Here are a few questions sent in by Jamie Pennycott:

Q. Any tips/suggestions on kit for an absolute newbie...? What to wear on the day, what to carry with you, what type of rucksack etc?

A. I would recommend a newbie goes to a running shop and get the correct fitting shoes, I tend to run in one brand of shoes that suit me.

I normally run in shorts and a vest or leggings if its cold to stop getting cramps, depending on the race there may have a list of required essentials ie waterproofs/ torch etc. (Yes there is a list of mandatory equipment within the Saltmarsh Terms & Conditions)

For a normal road race I generally only carry a water bottle but for longer races I use a camel pack (rucksack with a water pack within it)

6 months to go!

With 6 months to go until the 2019 Saltmarsh Ultra event, I hope training has started and for those that haven’t – what are you waiting for?

It was around this time last year I thought I was losing my mind and had made a terrible mistake signing up to the biggest challenge of my life. I’m guessing some of you are feeling the same, but I must be honest - all the anxiety, nerves and training is so worth the achievement you will feel after this event and that will never go away. I am still shocked at and proud of myself for achieving this.

I remember asking Saltmarsh Ben, now known as Ben, for advice after his Cotswold Way Challenge and although he didn’t complete the full 75 miles of Saltmarsh (sorry Ben, that’s the last time I mention it – promise), I think he offered some great lessons learnt which I think are worth listing here for you guys to take note:

  1. Look after your feet and accept that you will need to stop / rest for a few hours over the day. You’ll get back the time later by moving quicker.
  2. Pack light – I took way too much with me on day 1.
  3. Change socks and t-shirt during the day – makes you feel mountain fresh for at least 10 mins which is well worth it!
  4. Drink lots
  5. 50 miles is a VERY long way to run/walk.
  6. Take music for the dark times – I didn’t.
  7. Walking is SLOW… be prepared to think way outside running times. i.e. 10k to go is not just over an hour at 20min mile ‘plodding whilst crying’ pace.


Trainers and Legs

We are pleased to announce that entries are now OPEN for Saltmarsh 2019. 

Over the 6 years we've been planning and running the Saltmarsh75 we've had consistent feedback that you all love the event. To be frank all of us that get involved in putting it on, just love it too.  Over the years we've kind of steered away from the typical massive race bling medals, loud music at the finish line, pasta parties etc because we feel that we're a friendly and somewhat understated event.  We are confident that we already look after participants well and provide decent value for money and have stayed true to that principle. 

This year we've taken the decision to offer you 1 of 2 options, a 1 day Ultra 50-mile challenge, and for the 'not so brave but still want a challenge', a half marathon. 

We think the changes will be worth it allowing more participation and, in turn, will help more people enjoy (as much as possible) their Saltmarsh Experience. We will work hard to ensure that we keep the friendly feel and we'll continue to love the Saltmarsh as much as you.


Saltmarsh Entry Numbers

Saltmarsh 2019 - Entries are open!

It's an exciting day at Saltmarsh HQ as entries for Saltmarsh 2019 are now open. 

This year things are a bit different. We are offering 2 options, a 50 mile Ultra Marathon or a 13.1 mile Half Marathon. Both challenges on the same day, Saturday 5th October.

For the Ultra we allow a number of options. You can run as a duo, a pair running alternate legs, or a team of up to 4 running a leg each. Obviously, you can still enter the full 50 miles as an individual.