Welcome to the Saltmarsh 75 sponsorship and sponsors page. This page is for all the lovely companies / organisations out there that want to help make a great event an even greater event!

Your support will make the Saltmarsh 75 a truly special experience for all involved as sponsorship received goes back into the development of the event.

New sponsorship opportunities will be avaliable soon. In the mean time feel free to get in contact with us for further information and to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Contact Us

EJ Taylor & Sons Ltd
In 2018 EJ Taylor & Sons Ltd were our headline sponsor. As well as supporting the event the also entered a team. Thank you for your support and congratulations on your performace.
Maldon District Council
It is only with the continuing support of Maldon District Council's Members and Staff that we are able to run this great event. Thank you MDC for your support.
In 2017 Magnox provided just over £500 sponsorship for new signage which will be used at future events. Thank you to them for their assistance in marking the Saltmarsh trail for the future.
March Farm

Over the years Marsh Farm has been our Saturday Morning home and start point we are very grateful for their hospitality and support.