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Each participant of the Saltmarsh75 will have different levels of experience and different motivations for entering the event. Some will be seasoned athletes, like Steven over there on the left. Perhaps you're looking for a new challenge or to improve on a previous performance. Some will be first timers excited by the prospect of completing their first ultra marathon. These pages are designed to help as much as possible.

Feedback from the saltmarsh community is consistent, the 75 is MUCH harder than people expect. Most people put that down to the fact that it’s a flat course with occasionally difficult and uneven ground conditions. Certain sections are very remote and can be quite hostile environments in bad weather. Distance running and walking is as much about psychology as about physical fitness and there are parts of the course that will play all sorts of games with your mind. This is why we make a big effort with our checkpoints, we want to help you reach your goals, keep your spirits high, offer you encouragement and sympathy in equal measure. Most importantly we want to keep you safe.

We’re really proud of the Saltmarsh 75 and the fact that it allows all participants with an opportunity to push new personal limits. The event is designed to be accessible for as many people as possible.  We hope that individuals within relay teams are inspired and one day return to attempt a whole day or the full challenge.

Most people that are seriously considering entering either a day or the full event will already have a good base level of fitness.  The good news is that if you’re entering early in the year there is plenty of time left to train and get ready for the challenge.

Runners Guide
Our running training guide is written to give you some pointers in the right direction, to help you get ready for the event and hopefully increase the chances of you reaching your goal for the weekend. There is quite a bit of information online and some great books about training we'd encourage you to read as widely as possible. 

Walkers Guide
We've pulled together some information that we think will be helpful for new and returning paricipants and even included some comments from previous finishers. You'll find greater detail on what to expect on the day in this guide and an example of a training plan for full weekend participants.  If you are tackling the single day option then this plan will still be a good starting point for your training.You will also find a bit more logistical information over on our itinerary pages.