Trainers and Legs

We are pleased to announce that entries are now OPEN for Saltmarsh75 2018. 

Over the 5 years we've been planning and running the Saltmarsh75 we've had consistent feedback that you all love the event. To be frank all us that get involved in putting it on, just love it too.  Over the years we've kind of steered away from the typical massive race bling medals, loud music at the finish line, pasta parties etc because we feel that we're friendly and somewhat understated event.  We are confident that we already look after participants well and provide decent value for money and have stayed true to that principle.  

This year we've taken the difficult decision to increase prices by a fair amount.  We want to make a number of improvements such as better stocked check points and improving route signage, perhaps t-shirts for all, and these additions will add to the overheads of running the event

We think the changes will be worth it and will help everyone enjoy (as much as possible) their Saltmarsh Experience. We will work hard to ensure that we keep the friendly feel and we'll continue to love the Saltmarsh as much as you.


Saltmarsh Entry Numbers

13th Jan 2017 - Entries are open!

It's an exciting day at Saltmarsh HQ as today we open entries for Saltmarsh75 Number Five. We're looking forward to seeing who will be the first to commit and sign up. We also launch our new website.

It is a day for all things new, so we're opening up an addtional category for this year, The Duo. This came about as a result of a conversation with previous winner Paul Nickells who suggested it might be good to allow two people to enter as a team, one runs day one and the second runs day two. So that's what we're doing.

Obviously, you can still enter the full 75 miles as an individual, or just one day.